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E-Filing, Simplified

What's the alternative in the tax world to efficient, safe, and absolutely free? I can sum it up in just a few words for you; filing by mail. The reason I mention the word "alternative" here is because there are only two ways of filing your taxes. You can either choose a state- of - the art electronic filing process or pick up your pen, paper, and calculator and start adding.

We often try to postpone doing our taxes to the last minute because it used to be a major headache. With E-filing, you'll actually enjoy a straightforward and effortless process that will make this rather unpleasant experience, a walk in the park. There are a lot of advantages to e-filing your tax return and very few limitations, so before getting out the pen and paper consider the following:

Mailing system is slow and unreliable

Has your mail ever gotten lost? I'm afraid we know the answer to this question all too well. Mail gets lost or stolen all the time. Can you imagine if that were to happen to your tax return? In order to avoid taking such a risk you can count on e- filing because it simply could not get lost in the process and it's more secure than using the postal system. Conveniently, you can use your computer at home or at work and submit it through the web. The IRS will instantaneously receive it and process it. The e-filed return will then be encrypted and can't be read by anyone else as it makes it way back to your computer.

Guarantee of Accurate Calculations

Put your calculator, pen and paper aside and let the software do it all. Considering that most software providers guarantee accurate calculations, it is pretty much risk-free for you. Don't take the chance of making an error while transferring your numbers from one paper to another. The income tax software will take care of everything and check the data twice. How much simpler and safer could tax filing get?

Involuntary Mistakes can Lead to Audits

The chances of a making human errors increase as your tax return makes its way through the hands of the IRS personnel. If you mail in your tax return, an IRS employee will then have to enter the data in for you. Transferring numbers all day and the repetitiveness of such a task most certainly leads to involuntary mistakes. When you e-file your data it's never seen or re-entered by anyone, thus eliminating the risk of making a mistake that could lead to an audit.

Faster Refund Processing

Now that we have explored the advantages of the safe and secure features of e-filing, let's get to the interesting part. Is the refund processing any faster? My friends, expect to receive a direct deposit of your tax refund within 8 days! By eliminating all of the paper handling and the hassle of dealing with the post office you no longer have to wait until the summer days to enjoy your tax refund!

Not For You? Try it anyway, it's Free!

As demonstrated, e-filing seems to be a gift from above, but it is not for everyone. If you are still skeptical about this new way of submitting your taxes, I would highly recommend for you to use it in parallel with your paperwork. Compare your results and then decide to either trust the system or mail it in.

No Choice, Paperwork it is

There are a handful of limitations that unfortunately could obligate you to choose the alternative and make you file on paper if you are:

Get on Board, You won't regret it

We live in a fast-paced world and it has never been easier to get on board. E-filing has revolutionized the tax filing process by making it more convenient, safe, and secure for everyone. So put your papers, calculators, checks and money orders aside and let e-filing do all the work for you. Avoid the lines at the post office and at the bank and get comfortable in front of your own computer. Make tax season a stress-free experience and try e-filing, you won't regret it.