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Free Tax Filing

Filing taxes costs money - no surprise there. Though, why should it? The IRS and Local Revenue services lack the incentive to simplify your life much beyond reminding you of the consequences of an audit. Fortunately, the IRS recently attempted to take a step further and asked all tax filing companies not to charge for filing their federal IRS taxes.

Ever-since the IRS required Free Federal Tax filing all tax filing solutions: H&R Block, TurboTax and TaxAct have made filing your Federal taxes free. Though, they still need to make money, which is usually always the catch when you find the "Free Tax Filing" ads you see all over the Internet.

Let us review some of the more prominent tax filing companies that offer and advertise for free tax filing:

TurboTax - Free Edition

TurboTax's Free Edition covers 1040EZ & Simple Returns. Keep in mind that this does not cover your filing of your state taxes and will charge an additional fee for a more complex federal return. However, if you choose to find an alternative way of filing your state taxes (some states do not require you to file taxes), you can truly enjoy this option for free. On the other hand if you need to file more a free federal return, you will end up paying somewhere around $50 to $100 for your return. It is also notable that TurboTax guarantees the biggest return on your refund, includes E-Filing and Printing your federal taxes free and has a clean and easy to follow user interface. Visit turbotax.com for more details.

H&R Block - Free Edition

H&R Block seems to offer a similar deal as TurboTax as far as the coverage of simple Federal taxes go, but as soon as you hit once you start filing a more complex federal return and file your state taxes, the price jumps up to $80. H&R Block also includes a simple to follow user interface and will be a good choice if you choose to E-File your taxes. Go to hrblock.com for more details.

TaxACT Online - Free Federal Tax Return

TaxACT is smaller of the three when it comes to company size, but remains as one of the first companies who started providing online tax filing. One major difference between TaxACT and other companies is providing Free Federal Tax Filing for both simple and complex taxes. Furthermore, they have a much cheaper prices of $18 if you add on your state return to it. Go to TaxACT.com for more details.

Of course, if you wish to file your taxes by yourself we encourage taking a look at our Tax Filing Guide or other truly free online sources such as TaxBox.org and follow their Line-by-line guides. You should be able to file your taxes yourself in no time.